Friday, May 20, 2011

Lipsticks and Sports

Hello everyone! I know I have been consistently inconsistent with my blog posts, but over the past few months I have experienced a series of drastic changes. Not that I'm trying to excuse myself, but while I have been neglecting my blog, I had some time to reconsider how to express some of my "creative" interests. So I'm back and re-inspired.

You might be puzzled by the change that I have made to the title of my blog. Well somewhere along the line I have been recently inspired to undergo quite an ambitious project: 365 lipsticks/gloss combinations. One different lip per day. I know, its quite the undertaking, but if anyone can take a picture a day, why can't I....of myself or my lips? lol it sounds so narcissistic.

I have also recently, well over the past year or so, have come to a liking of sports, more of a borderline obsession with NBA. Three years ago it started with NBA and watching my fave team, Boston Celtics win a championship, and since then I have slowly come to appreciate other sports and the art/essence of it as well as the competitive aspect of it. I do have to say, the competition part still invokes a lot of anxiety that is a little too much to handle at times, but I'm working on it!! I hope you find my comments about my sports post insightful, and I hope everyone can appreciate my comments coming from someone as eccentric as myself. Ron Artest is someone who I look up to with that regard,, kind of, sometimes - ah you know what, that will be for another blog post that will take considerable time and thought. Yeah, I'm that intense!

I am intending not to limit it to just basketball. I do enjoy watching other sports, but it is a slow and working progress. It takes a lot of patience, not my patience, but the guys who I am constantly asking questions to about the rules and plays of certain games, and sometimes in certain fights for UFC or boxing. To those men I have given endless headaches to with this regard and have prevented them from enjoying a game/match: I just want you to know that I appreciate putting up with me. :D

I know the combination is random, but I believe it can be unique and that I can make it work, especially now that I commit to such a crazy endeavor! Also with the NBA playoffs at its most intense, I think this will motivate me to go and fight my fear of competition anxiety and go watch most of the games until the finals are over! Yes my competition anxiety is so bad I honestly think that me watching a game is bad luck for the team I'm cheering for...or that could mean I'm cheering for the teams that are not so good.

I do want to make it clear that I have imposed conditions to my "365 lip colours" and they are as follows:

1. Each colour will be distinct from the other, although it may not look that way, but the combination will.

2. I will use as little as one lip product, whether it is a single lipstick, gloss, or liner, because by adding a liner or gloss may change or alter the look. There are some exceptions. For instance: I will not wear a red lipstick without an identical liner one day, and then wear it with the identical liner on another day and say that they are "different" from one another. However, if it alters the lipstick with the liner on, I will add it to my "list"

3. Just to make it clear because I know everyone knows how much I like lipstick, I don't own 365 different individual colours. The whole point of this is to be creative with what I have to blend and combine things I would never otherwise do. So let's see how far I do.

That being said, I am not sure if I will be able to post everyday, but as much as I can. I would like to "feature" a look or a lip extensively among several looks that I hope to post at once.

Anyway till next time.

From Adrie

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