Friday, August 5, 2011

Glitter and Grace - from Adrie

Oh goodness, I have just been artistically reinspired but I have a fascination with a new medium: Nail polish. This is going to be trouble.

I have a thing, maybe a problem, and some might even say I have a disease with make up. Despite my enormous collection/kit, I have been feeling a bit uninspired. To accomodate myself to this uncivilized heat, I've limited myself to the "dewy" look. Tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, bronzer with blush, and gloss instead of heavy lipstick. Boring, I know but its quite liberating.

To find relief in my own down time and space, I've really started to appreciate the comfort of manicure/pedicures. I think their pretty sexy. Not just the end product of how your nails look, but the whole experience of it. It's such a nice treat.

My friend and I came up with this idea: I have to attribute some of the inspiration from Cupcakes and Cashmere upon seeing some of her nails.

Nail polish is making a fierce come back.

{Innocence by China Glaze, and Black by Finger paints with Black case you can't see the texture.}

Glitter in the presence of Grace, I'll say.

Until next time,

From Adrie

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