Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Love -from Adrie

Excuse me for my absence! So much for keeping myself accountable. I know, its outrageous.

For the first time in a couple of weeks, the uncivilized humid weather has been relieved by some rain. There is something peaceful about it when you are enjoying it in your room in darkness and in silence. Until you can't wake up and get out of bed because its so dark.

With summer almost coming to an end and looking back at some of the things that always inspire me, I wanted to share a few of my summer favourites this year.

1. Torrentes White wine - Torrentes is a grape from Argentina. Give me a bottle, and I'll drink it like water.

2. NARS 'Orgasm' - the blush, lip gloss, the multiple, and illuminator. I was seduced by Francois Nars

3. Chapeaus - from stingy fedoras to the wide brim - they make anyone look fierce.

4. Re-reading Life and Times of Michael K. Atonement ruined my summer last year - that was on me.

5. Dallas Mavericks :D - Miami winning would have ruined my summer this year - and that would not be on me. Don't worry, friends I still dream of Rondo and Ray....don't get me started.

I really want to write a postcolonial essay on Frantz Fanon's Black Skin, White Masks and the Wretched of the Earth and compare it to LeBron James defection to Miami. I know I'm a bit dramatic but his actions are just as distasteful. Watch out for that! Now if I can only remember where I put my precious Fanon books and now I need a laptop.

Till next time

From Adrie