Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Devil Made Me Do It!

Hello! I know it's been more than two weeks since Halloween but I thought it was better late than never to post about my halloween look. I'm going to keep it short and simple today.

So this year I was the devil, not just any devil, I was trying to be the vintage devil. Unfortunately there are no full decent full body photos, but I was wearing a red skirt as a tube dress and wrapped with a black sash, so hence the vintage devil with the make up done accordingly. I was inspired by Dita's look, with the porcelain fair face and bright red lipstick. I'll break down what I wore that day:

(All MAC unless stated otherwise)

Face: C3 Face and Body Foundation mixed with Frozen White pigment (apparently it's what Dita does to achieve the fair skin look)

Cheeks: Taupe Powder blush for contour and Pink Swoon Sheertone Powderblush


Base - Painterly paint pot

Lid - Vanilla eye shadow

Crease - Patina eye shadow

Highlight - Vanilla eye shadow

Brows: Lingering brow pencil

Lash: Haute and Naughty

Upper lash line: Blacktrack fluid line

Lower lash line: Nothing.


Ruby Woo lipstick and Cherry lip pencil (filled in whole lip)

Dim lip erase in and around the lip and NC20 concealer around the lip to accentuate the red lips.


168 Contour angled brush

227 eye shadow brush

224 eye shadow blending brush

109 round contour brush (used for blush)

Since this is a pretty simple look I'm not going to elaborate on the look. I used very little on the eyes, but I do have to comment on the following.

Frozen white and face and body foundation...omg amazing! Face and Body foundation is just amazing! I don't know why I have waited this long to try it, and mixing it with pigments is golden! I used Frozen White, which is a white frost with blue duochrome. Believe me, it's sexy and mixing it with foundation will give you that really fair skin look without it looking like you obviously put on foundation that was three swatches lighter. It was subtle and glamourous! I would definitely try it with Vanilla pigment or Naked pigment if you want that glow! Well there is a nice tip for ya. If you have loose shadow and sheer, but buildable foundation, try and experiment and see how it turns out for you!

Till next time,

From Adrie

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